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NEO Kaizen


Thanks to its monobloc construction rigidity and stability are significantly improved as well as versatility, since being joined by the center allows the use of perfectly integrated accessories such as the bottle holder and the Garmin holder.

Triathlon Arm Rests NEO KAIZEN


Triathlon Arm Rests NEO KAIZEN


Triathlon Arm Rests NEO KAIZEN


Triathlon Arm Rests NEO KAIZEN


Triathlon Arm Rests NEO KAIZEN
Triathlon Arm Rests NEO KAIZEN
Kaizen X3 Empunadura

First point of contact

Fully 3D printed using polyamide 12 filament with carbon fiber powder

It is one of the most rigid and durable materials that can be printed in 3D.

It withstands temperatures of more than 160 degrees without deforming and stands out for its high resistance to chemical agents.

Thanks to its rough surface it is completely non-slip.

Punto de anclaje

1mm thick stainless steel plate

In addition to providing rigidity to the assembly, it prevents the screw head from wearing out the carbon fiber.

Being made of stainless steel, galvanic corrosion that appears between carbon and aluminum is avoided.

Although its density is higher than that of aluminum, making it heavier, it is considerably stiffer.

Neo Kaizen L Impresion
Kaizen X3 Espuma

Support surface

Velcro foam specifically formulated for triathlon.

The chemical composition had to fulfill two purposes: Being non-slip and closed-cell, it does not absorb moisture.

Although it can withstand temperatures of more than 90 degrees, its continuous exposure to the sun is not recommended.

It includes velcro both in the foam and in the carbon fiber for easy replacement or adjustment of the position of the supports.

Measurement plan

Verifica que los apoyos NEO KAIZEN son compatible with you and your bike

Triathlon Arm Rests NEO KAIZEN
Triathlon Arm Rests NEO KAIZEN


Tetsuo's team will solve all doubts that you may have during assembly.

Remove your couplings

Depending on the bike you use, the assembly may vary, but you always start by removing both bars and supports.

Mount the props

The hole pattern of the supports allows a high range of adjustability. Screw them directly to the handlebars or to one of our wedges.

Adjust the system

Once placed in your optimal position, pass the change cable through the tip and under the foam through the center of the velcro. Clever!

Fabrication process

After years of experience working for the main Formula 1 teams, we have the experience and the necessary equipment for the highest level carbon fiber manufacturing.