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It all depends on how honestly you can answer this question: Who do you want to be?

Time to unlock your full potential

Helping athletes be their fastest version with our latest MASAMUNE

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what riders think

Very responsive

Very responsive, very available and product is amazing. Looking forward racing with my tetsuo cockpit

Bletterie Julien

Calidad y buen servicio

Desde el primer contacto han sido muy atentos y profesionales. Muy buenos consejos para ayudarme en la compra e instalacion.
La calidad de mis nuevos Kaizen estan fuera de toda duda y la comodidad se siente desde el primer kilometro.
Gracias de nuevo

Pascual Sanchez Garcia

Really high quality products

Really high quality products, love the brand!


Best customer service ever.

Best customer service ever.
Recommend I can as Yoda would say.

Paweł Zawadzki


Excelente!!! Es una maravilla poder escribirles por wasap o emial y que te contesten rapido. Aun es mas, compre unas cuñas de 10º y les pedi un cambio. A lo que no pusieron ninguna pega y me lo hicieron encantados. Un placer. Gracias!!

Pablo Gijon Iglesias

The armrest to unlock up to 20Watts without training

The ultimate weapon

Overcome your limits.

Achieve your goals.

Reduce your DRAG

Be more for less, increase your performance from minute 1.

Perfect fit

Fine-tune your position so you can stay aero longer.

Improve your comfort

Become one with your bike. Most ergonomic armrest in the market.

Full focus

Accessories perfectly integrated so you can focus on pedaling.

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Gorō Nyūdō Masamune

五郎入道正宗 1264 - 1343

Japan's legendary katana forger etched his name in history for the greatness of his swords.

Each of his creations is a testament to his unparalleled craftsmanship, combining an extraordinary edge with an artistic grace that elevates his swords to the status of timeless masterpieces.

Masamune's legacy lives on as a shining example of swordsmanship excellence.

Unforging Masamune

1. Handgrip

Adjustable wrist angle monogrip

2. Computer mount

Mount your Garmin/Wahoo computer above your wrist

3. Bottle adapter

Mount for an easy acces of a bottle

4. Foam

Removable with Hook and Loop

5. Body

100% Monoblock UD carbon fibre with built in wire track

6. Adjustable

Center-to-center opening of 140mm. Mounting from 100mm to 160mm without a plate.

7. K Wedges

Choose from 10 to 15 to 20 degrees, made of aluminum

8. Plate

Making all bikes compatible, made of aluminum


Be faster with less effort

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